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Brickhouse and Caray Cubs Best Players Kings of Swing Home


Check out the "Kings of Swing"
The "Kings of Swing"  is a one of a kind collection of unused tickets form every  game in which Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire hit a Home Run in the 1998 and 1999 seasons. The collection also includes an autographed card from each pitcher who surrendered a homer, USA Today press plates from key home runs, interesting commercial signage featuring Mac and Sosa, and much more!


Then visit..."Remembering Brickhouse and Caray" 
This exhibit presents material from Chicago's Hall of Fame broadcasters Jack Brickhouse and Harry Caray. These men entertained and informed millions for over 50 years. Their work in and outside the booth made and indelible impression on sports, politics and community culture. 

Cubs Best Players -- "Team of the Decade" autograph collection (1950-2000) 
In December of 1999 the Cubs organization selected one player (at each position) as the player of the decade. The nine players on each of these “Teams of the Decade” (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s) are represented in this collection. Each baseball card is signed and shows the player in a Cubs uniform. 
1950all.jpg (22424 bytes) The 1950s

Rush, Neeman, Fondy,
Baker, Banks, Jackson,
Moryn, Baumholtz, Sauer
1960all.jpg (22380 bytes) The 1960s

Jenkins, Hundley, Banks,
Beckert, Kessinger, Santo,
Altman, Phillips, Williams
1970all.jpg (22556 bytes) The 1970s

Reuschel, Mitterwald, Buckner, Trillo, Kessinger, Madlock, Cardenal, Monday, Williams
1980all.jpg (22436 bytes) The 1980s

Sutcliff, Davis, Durham,
Sandberg, Dunston, Cey,
Matthews, Dernier, Dawson

1990all.jpg (22299 bytes)

The 1990s

Maddux, Wilkins, Grace,
Sandberg, Dunston, Buechele,
Dawson, Sosa, Rodriguez


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