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You can also call Joe Hunt at 314 960-6595. Most items on this website are priced. For those that are not, let us know and we'll provide a current market price.

We accept Paypal, checks, money orders, Lay-Away and Credit Cards. We always try to under-promise and use the form below (or call us) and you'll be joining the 1,200 repeat customers who have enabled to become, as The Antiques Road Show Magazine wrote, "The Grand Daddy of Ticket Collecting websites!"

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Want to know the value...of a sports collectible, or entire collection? Contact us for an appraisal.

Appraisal fees are as follows:
      Our fee for a verbal appraisal is $25 (receipt of payment in advance is required). If you want both an evaluation as to the authenticity of your item and an appraisal, our fee is $50. -- If you want either or both services in a Letter of Appraisal and/or Authenticity, the fee is $100. No Exceptions. Shipping and insurance is extra, and is to be paid in advance.
      If you have several items that you would like reviewed, we can often provide by phone a job price, with a lower cost per piece. Again, if interested in the above services you can reach us with the form above or by phone at
314 960-6595. Thank you.


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