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You can call us, in Chicago at 314-960-6595, days, eves or weekends, or email us. After 10 years on-line, at shows, and working one-to-one with collectors, we've learned that "Whatever's best for you" is likely best for all concerned.

   We accept Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders and Paypal.

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1.) Just enter the word "Buy," "Sell" or "Comment" in the subject line, after you've "clicked" on our AOL email address (see Step 3, below); 

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You may also reach us by phone at 314-960-6595, or write to us at:

Chicago Promotions
3712 N. Broadway  #339
Chicago, IL 60613


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"Do you have one special piece ...or a large ticket collection, that you would like to know more about? We can help."

ant to have the value of a sports collectible appraised? Perhaps you'd like it evaluated, so that you will know if it can be
authenticated through third party analysis and forensic review? Consider giving us a call at 314-960-6595, in Chicago from Mon. - Sat., 9 AM - 8 PM. No emails, please, as we cannot handle the number that we receive. We want to provide great service, and cannot do this if you choose not to call. Please understand that our staff is small and specialized. We will do our best to assist you.

Our fee for a verbal appraisal is
$50 (receipt of payment in advance is required). If you want both an evaluation as to the authenticity of your item and an appraisal, our fee is $75. If you want either or both services in a Letter of Appraisal and/or Authenticity, the fee is $100. No Exceptions. Shipping and insurance is extra, and is to be paid in advance.

If you have several items that you would like reviewed, or a Ticket Set that you would like us to review, we can often quote by phone a job price, with a lower cost per piece. Again, if interested in the above services you can reach us at 314-960-6595. No emails are accepted regarding appraisals or authentication services; phone calls only. Thank you.

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