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Ravens vs. 49ers
IN STOCK!'s staff attended the Big Game in New Orleans. For Info on TICKETS from Super Bowl XLVII (2013) CLICK HERE


You'll love our website!
We're all about collectible Tickets and Stubs from... Super Bowls, BaseballNCAA Bowls & Final Four, Basketball.
Other Key Event Tickets, and Sports Publications.

Happy our 1,200 repeat customers & many friends in the hobby.
-- Sincerely,
Joe Hunt

Want Vintage Tickets? CAN DO. Here's one that was featured in  a recent Sports Market Report magazine issue. -- BROOKLYN DODGERS' FINAL GAME AT EBBETS FIELD !!
Own a rare... Brooklyn Dodgers Last Game at Ebbets Field FULL Ticket! Offered is the Highest Grade PSA Full (of the 10 known to exist). The Dodger won the game on a 2-0 shutout! Sorry. Sold out.
One SOLD, One on lay-away. Thank you!

   Pete Rose 3,000th Hit Ticket...Okay, nifty.

But, below is... "Holy Smokes, Collector-Man," an ultra rare Credential valid for entry to ALL MLB Parks in...
"Sixty, count 'em 60!" said Babe Ruth,  "Let's see some son of a bitch match that." The Yankee's Murderer's Row, blanked Pittsburgh in the 1927 World Series...after setting an MLB season record 110 wins. -- Besides 60 Homer's, Ruth batted .356, with 164 RBIs and a Slugging Percentage of 772.

...BBWAA Credential # 57 was valid for ALL Ruth's home run games, plus a seat at each game of the '27 World Series!

Want a Ruth signed ball? Cool. How many would you like? Want a seat at EVERY Ruth 1927 home run?? Only two (2) such ducats, out of less than 230 that existed in 1927, are know today!
A true Holy Grail vintage collectible.

Yes, a 1923 BBWAA Credential valid for the NYY first World Series, is also available.

   -- DID YOU KNOW? --

1968 National League all Ballparks Season Ticket # 63. -- PSA 10. -- Valid for entry to  Mays and Aaron 3,000th Hit plus Banks 500th Home Run.

Note that the words Ticket, Pass and License are used interchangeably.

"Left Click" on any image to see a LARGER image.

...To see and learn more click on the
Player Milestones & Key Game Tickets link that's underlined.

What else is 
new.gif (17000 bytes) ? Check out the 100's of choice, rare MLB Tickets...just in! -- World Series, All Star Games, Record Breaker & Milestones for Players and Teams, First and Last Games...and more.  Just "Left Click" on the underlined words BASEBALL Tickets.

   =   =   =   =  =   =  =   =  =   =

This year's Super Bowl tickets, Choice Grade FULL Tickets now In Stock.
-- Check our
Super Bowl Tickets and Baseball Tickets Sections! 


U-Get: Super Items...  and Super Deals!




SB II Pennant...$1,295 (sold at National '08. Thank you!)

Top Tickets from 2013?
Here's a list of many major sports events of 2013.
Want a Stub, Badge or Full Ticket from an event on the following list...or one from 2011? Call JOE HUNT at 314-960-6595.

Jan. 2013 - ROSE BOWL... Plus Past Years In Stock! Call Joe Hunt at 314-960-6595

Perfect Season Ticket USC v TEXAS, 2006 (at left).
Jan. 2013 - ORANGE BOWL --  Past year ORANGE BOWL tickets In Stock!

BCS Championship ticket, 2005, at left.


Jan. 2013
-- Past year BCS tickets In Stock!

BCS Title ticket, 2004, at left.

    Feb. 2013
SUPER BOWL ...Tickets and or Stubs for EVERY game/EVERY year's Super Bowl. Just left click the underlined words above to Buy or Sell. Or, give Joe Hunt a call at 314-960-6595!
2007 Ticket at left.
Feb. 2013 - PRO BOWL -- Past year tickets PRO BOWL in stock! Just "left click" on the underlined words.
  daytona500_00.jpg (20582 bytes)
2013 -- DAYTONA 500...  Many past year DAYTONA Race Tickets available. Click
Auto Race Tickets to see the Selection!
...On Special Now!
Want 2013 FINAL FOUR Championship and Semi-Finals Tickets? We've got 'em!
Joe Hunt of ChicagoTIX at

2013 -- NCAA 2010 FINAL FOUR... $29 and up, depends on grade...Stubs & Fulls. Many past MENS FINAL FOUR years available!

Plus...Tiger Woods
Golf Badges!

April 2013 --THE MASTERS. "Left Click" the underlined words to see our large selection. 100's of PGA & USGA tickets available !

May 2013 -- KENTUCKY DERBY... Many past year Horse Race & DERBY Tickets available.  2005 Derby Ticket at left.

On Special

May 2013 -- INDY 500 ...Many past year INDY & other Auto Race Tickets available. SPECIAL: Auto Race Tickets..."Buy 2 get 1 FREE!!"

June 2013 -- US OPEN... $20 and up, depends on grade... Many past year Golf Badges available. SPECIAL: All GOLF Tickets..."Buy 2 get 1 FREE!!"


2013 -- MLB ALL-STAR GAME  Many past years tickets available. Click on the words "
All-Star Games" to see these tickets.
brickyard400_00.jpg (22808 bytes)
On Special
July 2013 -- All State 400 at The Brickyard. ...Past BRICKYARD 400... $20 and up, depends on grade. Many past year Race Tickets available. SPECIAL: Auto Race Tickets..."Buy 2 get 1 FREE!!" -- Click on the word "Auto" to see our selection.

Aug. 2013 -- PGA CHAMPIONSHIP... $20 and up, depends on grade. Many past year Golf Badges available. 
Click on the words GOLF Badges to see the selection that's available.

October 2013  -- WORLD SERIES... Many WORLD SERIES Tickets are  available.
Click on the words
BASEBALL Tickets to see these tickets.
      ===  ===       === ===    



Is it smart to "save a buck" today, and not know if you're getting genuine game-day vintage items? Click on any of the above to see a recent genuine Super Bowl Ticket at 50x !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

L@@k below to see...1,000s of great vintage tickets just obtained. CALL Joe Hunt at 314-960-6595 to Buy or Sell.

We now offer...
 Golf Badges in our ticket section. Plus we now stock "streak" and "career" tickets that many Baseball collectors have been asking us to carry. If you collect say Ripken Streak tickets, or Yaz career tickets, or tickets from Michigan, Notre Dame or USC football or ANY other NCAA team, or Pro team we can help! We will be happy to receive your "want lists." Call 314-960-6595 a nominal processing fee applies.

Just "click"

your mouse on the underlined words to visit:
The Internet's
Super Bowl  SuperStore
 for Tickets & much more.

We just obtained a collection with 1,000s of Vintage Sports Photos. Wow... That's "The Four Horsemen," above.
"HOLY COW!" See these & other rare vintage NFL & MLB photos just in !!!


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First Game Ever Tickets and Last Game Ever Tickets...for dozens of Parks, Teams and Players.
At you Get:
Thousands of Regular Season MLB Tickets and Stubs... for our Friends who Collect "Streak" Tickets, Player Career Tickets, Pitcher Win Tickets, and the like;

It's time to vote Joe Jackson into the Hall of Fame. I'm a "dumb" Cubs' fan, and I know that much!
Black Sox 1919 Ticket Stub. Not for sale.
DiMaggio Day Full Ticket ! -- Sold --     Ernie Banks' Last Game Ticket !


Take a 50x and 200x power... look at the logo from the front of a Super Bowl stub. Also, check out the microprint, one of many security features from the bottom of the back of a SB 36 stub. (presented at 50x)
      Magnification is just one of several ways in which tickets are evaluated in our forensic lab during the authentication process.
Never get cheated. Our forensic lab does what law enforcement agencies do. You deserve to know IF you are getting your money's worth.

CONTACT PSA at or 1-800-325-1121 for more information on Ticket AUTHENTICATION, Grading, and PSA tamper evident Slabbing.

If you're going to spend your hard earned money for a sports collectible, PSA is a low cost way to get a third party opinion, with high security for your items, and checks and balances that have earned collector trust.

We've got 'em!  Click on the following links for loads of sports info. Just click on  The 50 Homers Club to see the players in the history of MLB to finish with 50 home runs or more in a season. Also see the list of Home Run Career Leaders, and the list of all World Series winners. You can also access lists for Auto Racing, NCAA Bowls and Final Four, Kentucky Derby, and the All-Star Game.  Remember, just "click" on the underlined links to see these lists.






new.gif (17000 bytes)  Can you tell... which Super Bowl Tickets the above details are from?
Hint: All are from SB I - SB V. Good luck! The answers are hidden in the corner of each image ...and become visible when you "click" on the image.

   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =   =




O-V-E-R 1,OOO Super Bowl TICKETS & STUBS ... plus Vintage Football Items (1919 - present)...Pro & NCAA...Championships, Bowls & Regular Season!


Above: 1963 NCAA All-Stars 20, Green Bay 17 ...and Pro Bowl 1967 Ticket, MVPs: Gale Sayers, Chicago Bears & Floyd Peters, Philadelphia Eagles


Above: 1961 Philadelphia Eagles 28, NCAA All-Stars 14 ...and 1958 NCAA All Stars 35, Detroit Lions 19.


Above: 1970 First Game at Three Rivers Stadium ...and Below: Hank Aaron's 714 & 715 Home Runs



new.gif (17000 bytes)  
 Just "Left Click" on the underlined words
OLYMPIC Tickets to see recently listed ones
Have you ever seen a ...
FIRST World's Championship"  PARTICIPANT  Ticket? -- Just 3 are known!
None grade higher than this one:

"Left Click" on this or any image to see a LARGER image. -- Then, close the "window" of the LARGER image to return to the page you were viewing.
WINTER'S HERE IN CHICAGO, so why not "chill out" with ...
The Olympics and Olympic Ticket collecting offer something for every sports fan.

DID YOU KNOW? --- Katarina Witt received 35,000 love letters following her Figure Skating performance at the '88 Calgary Olympics. -- But "us guys" were watching Hockey, right?
(Key Mohammed ALI ticket from '96 Olympics pictured below)
CLICK HERE to see more Olympic Tickets. Call us at 314-960-6595, Mon-Sat., 9 AM - 8 PM CST, for best selection!
 =  =  =  =  =
THE TRUTH is in the Details.
...Take the Test.
Which Super Bowl Ticket is each of the following details from?
Just "LEFT CLICK" on the  details, above to  see 'em at 50 power. Get the answers for each detail sample a few inches down in this column. GOOD LUCK!
  = = = = =
R-U SEEing

How 'bout not one but two Clemente 3,000 Hit Tickets? We've got 'em. -- Psst, Brock 3,000 hit Ticket just in! Reach us at 314-960-6595 ... won't last long.
= = = = =
SPECIAL: Get a FREE 1996 program from future HOFer Derek Jeter's FIRST Post Season Game...Yes, the Yanks' Team Captain had a HR in the dramatic 5-4 win. -- Perfect to get Autographed! OFFER VALID w/ ANY purchase, while supply lasts!

Must request above gift at time of order.

Check the
Section for more great MLB items! Just "Left Click" on the underlined words, or CALL JOE HUNT at 314-960-6595.
  = = = = =
Old School or New School...


or Randy...

Either way ChicagoTIX
has got you covered.


"Collectors Gone Wild!" for 30,000 Pro & NCAA Tix at ChicagoTix!

Only One... Perfect NFL Season Exists.

THE Ticket is In Stock!
  = = = = =
... for our 15 Years on-line! Y-O-U, and 1,200 other repeat clients are the reason we "Keep  Digging!!!"


Full Tickets 1967 - Present & high grade PSA Super Bowl Ticket Stub Run, in stock
. --13 SETS SOLD! Thanks to YOU a Worlds Record!
Now THE ANSWERS to the tough SUPER BOWL Details test above:
#1) is SB II
2) is SB XVIII
3) is SB XXV
4) is SB XXXIV
5) is  SB XVIII
6) is  SB XXIX
7) is  SB XXX

-- See our
Super Bowl page for lots more info on SB Ticket collecting!
-- Just "Left Click" on the underlined words
Super Bowl
to learn more.


YE$, we're
Call U$

 =   =   =   =  

NCAA & PRO, Regular Season & Finals, 1910 - present ... with 30,000 Tickets we likely have got YOU covered!:

Find...ALL Star Game & Final  Game at old YANKEE STADIUM TICKETS-- IN STOCK!

'Da Bulls? U Betcha! ... "left click" on the word, "NBA." Capish?

Get the Tough Ones! RARE SUPER BOWL Tickets...just in & beautiful!
If you're an advanced collector you probably look for items that are rare and in high demand. True? ...Yes, True.
Well then, here's a rare and high-grade Super Bowl XII (Dallas win) FULL, you'll likely have some interest in!

--  Contact ChicagoTIX at 314-960-6595, Mon.-Sat., 9 am - 8 pm, CST.
THE SB XII SOLD. Okay -- What's on your W-a-n-t List? -- Let us know!!!

  You Heard Yet?
 We recently bought TWO runs of SUPER BOWL F-U-L-L Tickets!


+ This is Your BEST SHOT in 10 years to find the ones you've been looking for
! + + +

  Reach Joe Hunt at 314-960-6595, Mom.-Sat., 9 AM - 8 PM CST.  -- The tough ones won't last long.-Are we EZ to work with? U Betcha! -- Lay-away, credit cards, etc. accepted.

...of Ticket Collecting:
new.gif (17000 bytes)  NEWS FLASH!
In 2012 we built & sold our 13th set of Super Bowl Tickets... a World Record! .
  Regardless of whether the economy is down, up and sideways, rare  Collectibles continue to set record prices over the last decade. Here's why we believe this is the case: 
“The most popular ticket run in the hobby has to be a run of Super Bowl tickets,”
reports PSA (Professional Sport Authenticators) the largest sports collectibles grading service in the country. “The tickets, generally speaking, are aesthetically beautiful. Some exhibit bold colors while others utilize hologram designs to catch the eye. "

-- Just "left click" on any scan to see a larger image. --

"Some of the tickets in this run are extremely rare in Full form," notes PSA president Joe Orlando, "putting some trading card rarities to shame.

"Tickets offer a connection to the game that few collectibles can and ticket runs should experience growth in the years to come.”
   = =  = =  = =  = =  = =
Super Bowl 1967-present Tickets IN STOCK!

SUPER BOWL Tickets -- Collecting these is as close to a no-brainer as you can get. -- Find 'em here from 1967 to Present. YES, we're happy to BUY Sets or single Tickets!

   YOU CAN REACH US at 314-960-6595, 9 AM-8 PM, Mon.-Sat.

Just "left click"... on the underlined words
Super Bowl to visit the link.

SETS of Super Bowl Tickets built & sold in 10 years. THANK YOU!



  Just in...One of less than 10 known
BANKS' 500th Home Run Tickets! Holy Cow!!
Mr Cubs' 500th Home Run Ticket.
Only 5,264 attended this game 38 years ago. -- IN STOCK! --  For other Career Milestone Tickets call Joe Hunt at 314-960-6595, days and eves!

  =   =   =   =  =   =
   Old School?
       Dat's cool.

Find Rare, Vintage Pro & NCAA Football too...

Get MVPs & Heisman Winners  ...College All Stars and More.

Trivia: How many Face Masking calls were there in the First Pro Bowl?
Ans. See photo on Ticket above. -- Crunch... Ouch!!!
  ==    == 




 =   =   =   =  =   =
Ticket Stub and Program from the first "Triple Crown!" Part of a late 2007 mega-acquisition.

  ==    == 

R-U Ready? Then "click away"...on the Internet's Super Site for World Series, All Star Games & Super Bowl Tix, Horse & Auto Race Tickets Programs, & more!
  =   =   =   =  =   =
PSA Indy 500 run, 1945-2006...just in!
"...collectors, start your engines!"

We do NOT sell replicas or "reproductions." We do offer 30,000 Certified Real For LifeTM (RFLTM) and PSA Tickets.

Tickets Sold HERE and at ... "www.Collectors
" (see the "Cards & Tickets" secion)


-- NFL Post-Season Tickets? No Problem!


The ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW magazine calls "The Granddaddy of Ticket Collecting Websites."

Online or in person... you'll get some of PSA's finest Tickets choice grade unslabbed Tickets from the folks at ChicagoTIX.


DID YOU KNOW??? -- We offer 30,000 m-o-r-e Tickets and Stubs than we're able to post on our website. So, please let us know what YOU are looking for and we'll get back to you as promptly as possible. You can email us at by clicking on our BUY and SELL link, but given that we get 50 to 100 emails a day YOUR BEST BET is to call JOE HUNT at 314-960-6595, Chicago, 10 AM - 8 PM, CST. --
Joe Hunt


Collectible Tickets & More...
WE BUY AND SELL...all types of collectible tickets, with over 30,000 in stock. We offer genuine tickets for 1000's of other modern and vintage-era players and teams in MANY sports from the past 100 years.
Here you'll of the world's greatest offerings of collectible tickets from key games and events in sports history...and unexpected vintage treasures from Politics to Music to Americana.  

Popular Categories Include: THE INTERNET'S # 1 
Super Bowl TICKET Super Store! Record Breakers, Player First & Last Game, 3000th Hit, 500th Home Run, First & Last Games of Players & of Old and New Ballparks,  World Series, All Star games, College Bowl & Final Four tickets, programs, photos, and more. Check us out first for high-grade tickets.


WANT PSA Ticket's? OK. WANT Unslabbed Tickets? That's OK too. We've gotcha covered.

Many, Many Thanks to Over 1,200 Repeat Customers... thanks to y-o-u, we are able to continue to offer collectors the range and quality that we ourselves are proud to own

Joe Hunt

Just "CLICK" on the words Buy and Sell to order...or let us know if a Check or Money Order is better for you. Also, feel free to call JOE HUNT at 314-960-6595 to order. 

Most of our tickets are priced as NMint-Mint; in some cases "Gallery Grade" (Excellent Grade) is also available for 25% less. These are perfect for framed or matted pieces. -- Please call 314-960-6595 for details.

Desirable Lou Gehrig Day 1941 ticket, and super rare ticket to the inaugural 1959 Daytona 500. Race was won by Lee Petty, whose son Richard would earn ROY honors the same year and eventually top Dad with 7 Daytona wins.
(Daytona ticket sold. Displayed due to intense collector interest). OVER 1,000 RARE VINTAGE SUPER BOWL ITEMS IN STOCK!

Stars & Moments of Glory
  U Get Super Items... Super Deals!


How to: Reach Us...

Joe Hunt
Write:  Chicago Promotions
3712 N. Broadway, Suite # 339 -- Chicago, IL 60613
email: ...
or just
CLICK HERE to email us.

Want to Order? Make check or money order payable to "Chicago Promotions" and send to the address above. We also accept Credit Cards, and payments. With Paypal use seller name, "" All orders require $10 for Shipping and Insurance.



 ...Click here to see our Golf Badges! We've recently added... many "First & Last" game tickets for notable teams and historic ballparks. Click here to see more!


PLUS...We've just added many SPORTS PUBLICATIONS
  from notable games and historic sports events.


Tickets, Collectibles & More
Every item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a lifetime guarantee. Check out our one-of-a-kind vintage sports items and modern ballpark collectibles.



Rare... NFL CHAMPS vs COLLEGE ALL STARS Tickets, Just In.

Own a piece of sports history. Collect tickets!

       In addition 50x and 200x studies of ticket detail (like the examples to the left and below), we also have on file the dimensions and weights for 1000's of tickets and stubs (to the 100th of a gram), plus info on paper used, ink, printing methodology and numerous security features.
       Given that key game tickets have always had a "pre-game" value to those wanting to attend, it is not surprising that we find many counterfeits, some going back almost 100 years!
       Don't pay good money for bad tickets, or for over-graded tickets.

The truth is in the details.
Below are some "thumbnail" images of tickets that you may want to click on to get a closer look.















TICKETS, all years in stock. Call us at 314-960-6595 for the years you want...or for the full run from 1967 - 2007 !!!  


WE'RE THE WEB'S # 1  SUPER BOWL PROGRAM SUPER-STORE. -- Call us at 314-960-6595 for the years you want...or for the full run from 1967 - 2007 !!!
   Dig Baseball??? We do too...


You're spending real money. Shouldn't you be getting real tickets? -- We NEVER sell replicas or reprints at


  ...for our matchless friends:

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... People are talking about us!
Here's what some have to say:

"...God bless, you are truly one of the great dealers in the industry, like it use to be years ago when a handshake was all that was needed."  Bu
z Houghtaling, BAB Kollectibles, Williamsburg, VA (Buz is, and has been for more than 20 years, a very popular dealer and hobby promoter at shows coast-to-coast).

"...You are doing a great job with the Ticket program.
Thanks again for your help!" Joe Orlando, President of Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) of Newport Beach, California, the world's largest sports memorabilia authentication company. Thanks Joe, for your kind words, July.2005. -- Joe

It is a pleasure to deal with you. I wish I had known you years ago. You are a considerate and kind person. I am sending an extra case of collectibles I found yesterday, as they are similar to what you purchased. I am forwarding them at no charge, with my best regards. Joe D. of CA. Former part-owner of big league franchise. Family name withheld on request.

"...Thank you for making it so easy to deal with you. I enjoyed visiting your office in Chicago, and after reviewing my tickets you paid me exactly what you said you would." Blake Z., of Brooklyn, NY. Name withheld on request.


LIKE VINTAGE PROGRAMS? then you'll Love this new section...
See our publications "link" at the top of this page, for more rare, vintage items.
We're the
"Granddaddy of ticket sites"...says PBS's the Antiques Roadshow Insider magazine (March 2004). The staff at thanks Y-O-U for making our success possible. Sincerely, 
Joe Hunt

Dennis A. Jose & "The World's Greatest Female Sports Fan"

Ready to Order? Make check or money order payable to Chicago Promotions and send to 3712 N. Broadway # 339, Chicago, IL 60613.

We also accept
Credit Cards by phone and payments, seller name, "" and layaway.
You can make three payments, to order one or more items. Just make one payment one now, one in a month and one in two months.

We are E-Z to deal with, because at our clients are not "part of the picture," they are the picture! 

All orders add $5 for Shipping and Insurance. Thank you.

  We accept Credit Cards, Lay-Away, Checks, Money Orders and Paypal. Feel free to call 314-960-6595 to order, or just "Left Click" on the yellow highlighted BUY and SELL link.

Happy Collecting!
Joe Hunt
PS -- We keep digging ... to get the Tough Ones in for you!!! Let us know what you need!

Speaking of authentication,
can you identify the famous World Series ticket that is presented
in the exemplar detail images that follow? Clue: think '32 and baseball bat. And what about the All Star Game ticket that is presented with these exemplar detail images?
Clue: the "35th" in the image is part of the phrase, "35th Street," and the game was played in the 1930s. You can click on the above "thumbnails" for a close-up look. For the answers, go to the bottom of the page you arrive at when you click on this underlined CLICK HERE link.

 SUPER BOWL Full Tickets & Stubs  
We are VERY actively buying and selling Super Bowl tickets. Regardless of the time of year, January or July, Super Bowl tickets & Stubs account for half our total business. For a current market quote on the fulls or stubs you want, give us a call at 314-960-6595 today. If you want to sell, Super! Offer us one ticket or 100. Your call will make our day (and yours).

Each ticket is checked in our forensic lab and is sold with our written lifetime Certificate of Authenticity. Don't get stuck with the many types of reprints that are presently being bought and sold as authentic, and which many honest dealers and collectors bring to me at shows or send me for review. Sadly, after reviewing thousands of Super Bowl full tickets and stubs that were presented as genuine, about 20% were clearly fakes or reprints.
Fortunately, with non-Super Bowl tickets and stubs (like World Series, All Star Games and player and team milestones) the number of fakes, reprints and altered tickets is lower, though up to 10% in some categories are of questionable authenticity. We see them virtually every week. As the interest in many non-Super Bowl categories of collectible tickets continues to rise, we all need to be alert. Crooks follow "easy money." We want it to be you, not them, that gets the last laugh.

Get real. To buy or sell genuine tickets or stubs give Joe Hunt a call at 314-960-6595. We currently have a nice selection of Super Bowl fulls, and stubs from all years in stock. We can also offer hobbyists and investors a complete run of high grade stubs that is now in stock.
CLICK HERE to see the SUPER BOWL Tickets!


  Examples of details on early Super Bowl tickets appear below. They are in our exemplar files for Super Bowl I-V tickets, at 50x to 200x. See how many you can identify correctly. The answers are at the top of our "Super Bowl, Page 2" link (hyperlink below). You may click on these images to get a larger view, if you dare! OPEN BOOK, if born after 1967.

A)   B)   C)

D)   E)    F)

Get three right and report to training camp; four right and you're on the roster! Five or more right and you're headed to the Ticket Collector Pro Bowl.

Jot down your answers, and then
CLICK HERE to see the SUPER BOWL Tickets Quiz Answers on Super Bowl -- Page Two! -- the ANSWERS are on the BOTTOM of that page.
Call 314-960-6595...or click here to buy, sell or chat.
Note: all sales are limited to stock on hand. Sorry, no "rain checks." -- Preferred Merchant ... Visit for Great Ticket Displays.


We obtained 1,000s of great vintage tickets in two recent collection acquisitions!
Here's a small sample...
As the Web's Super Bowl Super Store We have 100s & 100s of SB Tickets & Stubs.

We also got 100s of Worlds Series tickets, NCAA Tickets, and MLB Record Breakers and Milestone tickets. We'll post them all in the weeks ahead, as time permits, or call 314-960-6595.
Please select the links at the top of this page to located the specific collectibles that interest you!

NOTE: The editorial and art on this website is owned and all rights retained by and/or respective artists, publications or agencies. Artifacts may be bought and sold, and likeness of same are present here to facilitate commerce and for educational purposes. Please remember that transfer of copyright, graphic and or electronic images is not expressed or implied. All rights reserved. 1998-2011, and Chicago Promotions. Thank you.
 How to Reach Us!

 Call: 314-960-6595 for Joe Hunt

Chicago Promotions
3712 N. Broadway  #339
Chicago, IL 60613


email: or CLICK HERE.

 How to Order!

Check or Money Order payable to
"Chicago Promotions"
and send to the address above.

We also accept
Lay-Away and Credit Cards via phone and payments,
use seller name, ""
 All orders require $10 for Shipping and Insurance.

Just "Left Click" on the words Buy and Sell to order...or let us know if a Credit Card, Check or Money Order is better for you. Also, feel free to call Joe Hunt at
to order.

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All credit card sales are final. Purchase with credit card may be exchanged for in-stock item for 30 days at vendor's discretion.

With non-credit card sales (i.e. Personal or Business Check, Money Order, Paypal, wire-transfer and the like), an exchange privilege is extended for 30 days. No exchange privilege is available for any sale after 30 days in any case. A restocking and service fee of 10% of the original amount paid may be be retained by, dba Chicago Promotions (the vendor). Further, the Vendor may issue at his sole discretion a credit valid for 30 days, to be recorded as an "exchange check" or simply as a "check. " NOTE: No cash or cash equivalent will be issued by the Vendor, as all items are sold "AS IS." Images of the item(s) sold are provided prior to the sale by the Vendor at the written request of the buyer.

All clients are required to make payment with Check, Money Order, bank wire-transfer or cash unless specific written permission to accept Credit Cards or Paypal is extended to a given client on a given occasion by the vendor.

Item(s) not in the possession of are never to be construed as part of any primary or secondary agreement of sale, oral or written, for or with regard to transfer of ownership of item(s) that are in-house and outlined by Vendor as items included in a sale at the time of the sale.

Any understood, implied or assumed offer of deliver or transfer of item(s) that are know not to be in the possession of the vendor, which are to be made available subject to subsequent acquisition by vendor is undertaken , if undertaken at all, at the vendor's sole discretion and will only be in effect when agreed to by both parties in writing at the time of the initial sale. Vendor, to be held harmless, in any and all instances where items desired by a given client, but not expressly in vendor's inventory are subsequently not obtained by vendor. Vendor will in such circumstances is to be held harmless by any and all second and third parties to the primary transaction.

Lay-away sales are time-based contracts not subject to renegotiation without the vendor's agreement to provide entry to said renegotiation. Modified terms will may result in increased total due vendor, and other fees, at the sole discretion of the vendor.

Further, it is understood that any and all such items, if obtained, are available to interested party(ies) at the retail cost of the item(s), to be determined by the vendor at a time of in-house availability. Such item(s) will the be billed as a separate charge to the buyer to be paid to the vendor at the time such item(s) may be sold and distributed. Regardless of any buyer assumptions or understandings, such items are not co-mingled or included with items sold that are held by the vendor at the time of transfer of these in-house items. ALL SALES FINAL TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS AFTER SHIPMENT. Shipment to client and shipments to a third party at the instruction of the client constitute "shipment" and begin the 10 day period. -- records of items promulgated in a given sale are final after this ten day period. No client recollections or purported bill of lading presentations shall hold merit or weight in any public or private review. No other understanding or covenant is to be construed as implied or expressed by the Vendor following the period specified.

Purchase of items from the vendor, constitutes express acceptance of all terms and provisions contained in the above conditions of sale. Further, in the event of a dispute, the buyer agrees to pay all of the vendor's reasonable attorney's fee and the cost involved in collection of funds, plus 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid unpaid balance, dating to time of sale. The jurisdiction for all litigation shall be in the State of Illinois, County of Cook or or the Federal District Court of Illinois, at the discretion of the Vendor.

Each term and provision of these conditions set forth above shall be construed as separate and distinct. In the event that any such term or provision shall be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, in whole or in part, the remaining terms and provisions shall survive and be binding on both parties. Thank you.

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